Friday, August 29, 2014

Lifestyle of Prophet Muhammad s.a.w.

"Lifestyle of Prophet Muhammad (sallAllaahu 'alayhi wa sallam)"

Talk softly,
Walk humbly,
Eat sensibly,
Breathe deeply,
Sleep sufficiently,
Dress properly,
Intract politely,
Act fearlessly,
Work patiently,
Think truthfully,
Believe correctly,
Behave decently,
Learn practically,
Plan orderly,
Earn honestly,
Spend intelligently,
Sacrifice regularly,
Worship dedicatedly,
Serve parents happily,
Respect neighbours appropriately ...

How can such a man be insulted?

May peace be upon him. Aameen"

[Mufti Ismail Menk]

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Kisah perokok

Kisah seorang petugas sukarelawan Gaza yang merokok:

Sehinggalah... Menjejak kaki di bumi Gaza... Apabila ditegur oleh seorang anggota Al-Qassam semasa pergi ke kem di Jabaliya.

Soalan pertama dia tanya, "Anta isap rokok tak?" Saya jawab, "Hisap tapi di Malaysia. Di Gaza tak hisap lagi."

Lepas itu, dia senyap dalam 3,4 minit. Saya tunggu soalan yang seterusnya. Kenapa susah payah dia nak tanya soalan yang kedua.

Mungkin dia takut, saya akan terasa hati kalau dia tanya soalan yang seterusnya. Kemudian dia menarik nafas dalam-dalam. Baru dia bertanya semula. "Anta sayang tak Rasulullah?" Saya dengan pantas menjawab, "Mana mungkin tidak sayang. Mestilah sayang!"

Dia kemudian memberi penerangan. "Kalau sayangkan Rasulullah. Kita tidak akan buat apa yg Rasulullah tidak suka buat. Rasulullah tidak suka kepada perkara-perkara yang merosakkan diri sendiri dan orang lain. Rasulullah tidak suka kepada benda-benda yang berapi dan yang mengeluarkan asap. Rasulullah tidak suka kepada bau-bauan yang busuk."

Katanya lagi, "Agaknya kalau kita buat juga perkara-perkara yang Rasulullah tidak suka. Rasulullah sayang tak dengan kita?"

Saya senyap terus. Airmata mengalir. Berasa sebak dan pilu dalam hati.Selepas hari tu sehingga kini. Saya dah tidak menyentuh rokok.Sehinggakan orang nak suruh hulur kotak rokok pun saya tak mahu.

- Maz Mihar -

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Question: Which country

Read. Absorb. Use.

Question: Which country alone in the Middle East has nuclear weapons?
Answer: Israel

Question: Which country in the Middle East has just recently used a weapon of mass destruction, a one-ton smart bomb, dropping it in the center of a highly populated area killing civilians including children?
Answer: Israel

Question: What country in the Middle East was cited by Amnesty International for demolishing more than 4000 innocent Palestinian homes as a means of ethnic cleansing?
Answer: Israel

Question: What country on Planet Earth has the second most powerful lobby in the United States , according to a recent Fortune magazine survey of Washington insiders?
Answer: Israel

Question: Which country in the Middle East receives U.S. weapons for free and then sells the technology to the Republic of China even at the objections of the U.S. ?
Answer: Israel

Question: Which country in the Middle East regularly violates the Geneva Convention by imposing collective punishment on entire towns, villages, and camps, for the acts of a few, and even goes as far as demolishing entire villages while people are still in their homes?
Answer: Israel

Question: Which country in the Middle East routinely kills young Palestinian children for no reason other than throwing stones at armored vehicles, bulldozers, or tanks?
Answer: Israel

Question: Which country in the Middle East refuses to sign the nuclear non-proliferation treaty and bars international inspections? ?
Answer: Israel

Question: Which country in the Middle East seized the sovereign territory of other nations by military force and continues to occupy it in defiance of United Nations Security Council resolutions?
Answer: Israel

Question: Which country in the Middle East routinely violates the international borders of another sovereign state with warplanes and artillery and naval gunfire?
Answer: Israel

Question: What American ally in the Middle East has for years sent assassins into other countries to kill its political enemies (a practice sometimes called exporting terrorism)?
Answer: Israel

Question: In which country in the Middle East have high-ranking military officers admitted publicly that unarmed prisoners of war were executed?
Answer: Israel

Question: What country in the Middle East refuses to prosecute its soldiers who have acknowledged executing prisoners of war?
Answer: Israel

Question: What country in the Middle East created millions of refugees and refuses to allow them to return to their homes, farms and businesses?
Answer: Israel

Question: What country in the Middle East refuses to pay compensation to people whose land, bank accounts and businesses it confiscated?
Answer: Israel

Question: In what country in the Middle East was a high-ranking United Nations diplomat assassinated?
Answer: Israel

Question: In what country in the Middle East did the man who ordered the assassination of a high-ranking U.N. diplomat become prime minister?
Answer: Israel

Question: What country in the Middle East blew up an American diplomatic facility in Egypt and attacked a U.S. ship, the USS Liberty, in international waters, killing 34 and wounding 171 American sailors?
Answer: Israel

Question: What country in the Middle East employed a spy, Jonathan Pollard, to steal classified documents from USA and then gave some of them to the Soviet Union ?
Answer: Israel

Question: What country at first denied any official connection to Pollard, then voted to make him a citizen and has continuously demanded that the American president grant Pollard a full pardon?
Answer: Israel

Question: What Middle East country allows American Jewish murderers to flee to its country to escape punishment in the United States and refuses to extradite them once in their custody?
Answer: Israel

Question: What Middle East country preaches against hate yet builds a shrine and a memorial for a murderer who killed 29 Palestinians while they prayed in their Mosque.?
Answer: Israel

Question: Which country in the Middle East deliberately targeted a civilian U.N. Refugee Camp in Qana , Lebanon and killed 103 innocent men, women, and especially children?
Answer: Israel

Question: Which country in the Middle East is in defiance of 69 United Nations Security Council resolutions and has been protected from 29 more by U.S. vetoes?
Answer: Israel

Question: Which country in the Middle East receives more than one-third of all U.S. aid to the world yet is the 16th richest country in the world?
Answer: Israel

Question: Which country in the Middle East had its Prime Minister announce to his staff not to worry about what the United States says because "We control America ?"
Answer: Israel

Question: Which country in the Middle East signed the Oslo Accords promising to halt any new Jewish Settlement construction, but instead, has built more than 270 new settlements since the signing?
Answer: Israel

Question: Which country in the Middle East has assassinated more than 100 political officials of its opponent in the last 2 years while killing hundreds of civilians in the process, including dozens of children?
Answer: Israel.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

14 short stories worth reading

14 short stories worth reading, feeling and forwarding to all those dear to you.

1. Fall and Rise

Today, when I slipped on the wet tile floor a boy in a wheelchair caught me before I slammed my head on the ground. He said, “Believe it or not, that’s almost exactly how I injured my back 3 years ago.

2. A father's advice

Today, my father told me, “Just go for it and give it a try! You don’t have to be a professional to build a successful product. Amateurs started Google and Apple. Professionals built the Titanic.

3. The power of uniqueness.

Today, I asked my mentor – a very successful business man in his 70’s – what his top 3 tips are for success. He smiled and said, “Read something no one else is reading, think something no one else is thinking, and do something no one else is doing.

4. Looking Back

Today, I interviewed my grandmother for part of a research paper I’m working on for my Psychology class. When I asked her to define success in her own words, she said, “Success is when you look back at your life and the memories make you smile.

5. Try and U shall know

I am blind by birth. When I was 8 years old, I wanted to play baseball. I asked my father- "Dad, can I play baseball?" He said "You'll never know until you try." When I was a teenager, I asked him, - "Dad Can I become a surgeon?". He replied "Son, you'll never know until you try." Today I am a Surgeon, just because I tried!


Today, after a 72 hour shift at the fire station, a woman ran up to me at the grocery store and gave me a hug. When I tensed up, she realised I didn’t recognise her. She let go with tears of joy in her eyes and the most sincere smile and said, “On 9-11-2001, you carried me out of the World Trade Centre.”


Today, after I watched my dog get run over by a car, I sat on the side of the road holding him and crying. And just before he died, he licked the tears off my face.


Today at 7AM, I woke up feeling ill, but decided I needed the money, so I went into work. At 3PM I got laid off. On my drive home I got a flat tire. When I went into the trunk for the spare, it was flat too. A man in a BMW pulled over, gave me a ride, we chatted, and then he offered me a job. I start tomorrow.


Today, as my father, three brothers, and two sisters stood around my mother’s hospital bed, my mother uttered her last coherent words before she died. She simply said, “I feel so loved right now. We should have gotten together like this more often.”


Today, I kissed my dad on the forehead as he passed away in a small hospital bed. About 5 seconds after he passed, I realised it was the first time I had given him a kiss since I was a little boy.


Today, in the cutest voice, my 8-year-old daughter asked me to start recycling. I chuckled and asked, “Why?” She replied, “So you can help me save the planet.” I chuckled again and asked, “And why do you want to save the planet?” “Because that’s where I keep all my stuff,” she said.

12. JOY

Today, when I witnessed a 27-year-old breast cancer patient laughing hysterically at her 2-year-old daughter’s antics, I suddenly realised that I need to stop complaining about my life and start celebrating it again.


Today, a boy in a wheelchair saw me desperately struggling on crutches with my broken leg and offered to carry my backpack and books for me. He helped me all the way across campus to my class and as he was leaving he said, “I hope you feel better soon.”.


Today, I was travelling in Kenya and I met a refugee from Zimbabwe. He said he hadn’t eaten anything in over 3 days and looked extremely skinny and unhealthy. Then my friend offered him the rest of the sandwich he was eating. The first thing the man said was, “We can share it.”

Cheers to life. Celebrate it!

Friday, August 8, 2014

Adab berkunjung ke rumah saudara mara / rakan taulan

Hari ini saya ingin menyatakan sedikit kegusaran tentang berkurangnya kesedaran tentang adab kita berkunjung ke rumah saudara-mara dan sahabat2 kita terutama semoena bulan Syawal ini. Ibubapa saya dari kecil sudah terapkan dan sebagai seorang wanita muslim saya rasa agak terpanggil menyuarakan kegusaran kerana walaupun ayahanda saya telah menyediakan ruang yang khas supaya saya dan ipar duai yang juga wanita muslim berasa selesa, namun kadangkala kerana tidak peka pada adab2 ini, ada yang tersilap dan termasuk dalam "safe zone kami" - ayahanda sudah menyediakan ruang "ambin" berserta gate kecil yang tidak mengadap masuk dan juga dapur beserta tirai langsir yang mana kami selesa tidak perlu menutup aurat sangat ketika membuat kerja dapur. Saya faham mungkin tidak sengaja jadi saya menegur agar menjadikan akhlak kita semua menjadi lebih baik di masa hadapan.

Saya sertakan sedikit garis panduan adab-adab yang didalam Islam dan adab-adab yang diperturunkan oleh orang-orang lama sebagai ikutan kita ketika berkunjung ke rumah saudara kita.

Meminta Izin Terlebih Dahulu

Sebelum berkunjung, terlebih dahulu kita perlulah meminta izin daripada tuan rumah. Ini adalah untuk mengelakkan kita mendatangi rumahnya dalam keadaan tuan rumah tidak bersedia untuk menerima tetamu. Lebih baik sebelum berkunjung, kita telah membuat temu janji dahulu.

Berniat yang Baik

Apabila seseorang hendak mengunjungi saudaranya, maka yang wajib dilakukan adalah mengikhlaskan niat semata-mata hanya karena Allah swt.

Rasulullah saw. bersabda, "Bahawasanya seorang laki-laki mengunjungi saudaranya di kampung lain, maka Allah mengutus seorang Malaikat kepadanya dalam perjalanannya. Ketika telah bertemu, Malaikat itu berkata kepadanya 'Kemana engkau hendak pergi?'Ia menjawab, 'Aku ingin mengunjungi saudaraku di kampung ini' Malaikat itu berkata lagi, 'Adakah bagimu satu nikmat yang hendak engkau kejar?' Ia menjawab, 'Tidak, hanya saja aku mencintainya karana Allah' Malaikat itu pun berkata lagi, 'Sesungguhnya aku adalah utusan Allah kepadamu, bahawasanya Allah mencintaimu sebagaimana engkau mencintainya karena Allah'." (HR.Muslim)

Minta Izin Maksimum Tiga Kali

Rasulullah saw. mengajarkan kepada kita bahawa batasan untuk meminta izin untuk bertamu adalah tiga kali. Sebagaimana dalam sabdanya:
Dari Abu Musa Al-Asy’ary radhiallahu’anhu, dia berkata: "Rasulullah saw. bersabda, ‘Minta izin masuk rumah itu tiga kali, jika diizinkan untuk kamu (masuklah) dan jika tidak maka pulanglah!" (HR. Bukhari dan Muslim)

Mengucapkan Salam & Minta Izin Masuk 

Firman Allah swt :
“Hai orang-orang yang beriman, janganlah kamu memasuki rumah yang bukan rumahmu sebelum meminta izin dan memberi salam kepada penghuninya. Yang demikian itu lebih baik bagimu, agar kamu (selalu) ingat.” (QS. An-Nuur [24]: 27)

Hadith Nabi Muhammad saw. :
“Sesungguhnya disyari’atkan minta izin adalah karena untuk menjaga pandangan.” (HR. Bukhari dan Muslim)

Dengan Ketukan Yang Tidak Mengganggu

“Kami di masa Nabi shallallahu ‘alaihi wa sallam mengetuk pintu dengan kuku-kuku.” (HR. Bukhari)

Posisi Berdiri Tidak Menghadap Pintu Masuk

“Adalah Rasulullah shallallahu ‘alaihi wa sallam apabila mendatangi pintu suatu kaum, beliau tidak menghadapkan wajahnya di depan pintu, tetapi berada di sebelah kanan atau kirinya dan mengucapkan assalamu’alaikum… assalamu’alaikum…” (HR. Abu Dawud)

Tidak Mengintip

“Andaikan ada orang melihatmu di rumah tanpa izin, engkau melemparnya dengan batu kecil lalu kamu cungkil matanya, maka tidak ada dosa bagimu.” (HR. Bukhari Kitabul Isti’dzan)

“Dari Anas bin Malik radhiallahu’anhu sesungguhnya ada seorang laki-laki mengintip sebagian kamar Nabi shallallahu ‘alaihi wa sallam, lalu nabi berdiri menuju kepadanya dengan membawa anak panah yang lebar atau beberapa anak panah yang lebar, dan seakan-akan aku melihat beliau menanti peluang ntuk menusuk orang itu.” (HR. Bukhari Kitabul Isti’dzan)

Pulang Kembali Jika Disuruh Pulang

Allah swt. berfirman :
“Jika kamu tidak menemui seorang pun di dalamnya, maka janganlah kamu masuk sebelum kamu mendapat izin. Dan jika dikatakan kepadamu: Kembali (saja)lah, maka hendaklah kamu kembali. Itu bersih bagimu dan Allah Maha Mengetahui apa yang kamu kerjakan.” (QS. An-Nuur [24]: 28)

Menjawab Dengan Nama Jelas Jika Pemilik Rumah Bertanya “Siapa?”

Riwayat dari Jabir ra., dia berkata:
'Aku mendatangi Rasulullah shallallahu ‘alaihi wa sallam, maka aku mengetuk pintu, lalu beliau bertanya, ‘Siapa?’ Maka Aku menjawab, ‘Saya.’ Lalu beliau bertanya, ‘Saya, saya?’ Sepertinya beliau tidak suka.” (HR. Bukhari dan Muslim)

Tidak Terlalu Sering Berkunjung (ziarah) Hingga Berlebihan 

Janganlah terlalu sering berkunjung (berziarah) agar orang yang dikunjungi tidak menjadi bosan. Rasulullah saw. bersabda :
"Berkunjunglah sesekali atau sekali waktu niscaya kalian akan saling mencintai" (HR. al-Baihaqi, al-Bazzar, dan ath-Thabrani)

Memilih Waktu yang Tepat untuk Berkunjung

Hendaknya seorang pengunjung memilih waktu yang tepat ketika berkunjung. Tentu tidak layak seseorang mengunjungi orang lain pada pagi buta, tengah hari ataupun larut malam. Kerana, waktu-waktu itu adalah waktu untuk tidur dan beristirahat, bukan waktu yang tepat untuk berkunjung. Atau waktu-waktu orang yang akan dikunjungi pada saat itu sedang sibuk atau tidak berkenan untuk diganggu. Terkecuali ada kepentingan yang mendesak atau seseorang telah meminta izin atau mengadakan perjanjian sebelumnya untuk berkunjung pada waktu tersebut.

Menundukkan Pandangan terhadap Privasi Ahli Bait (Anggota Keluarga)

Apabila seseorang mengunjungi sebuah keluarga di rumah mereka, maka wajib baginya untuk ghadhdhul bashar (menundukkan pandangan) terhadap privasi (hal-hal yang bersifat pribadi) anggota keluarga mereka. Janganlah mata meliar memerhatikan semua perkara/ perkakasan di dalam rumah tersebut.

"Dia mengetahui pandangan mata yang khianat dan apa yang disembunyikan oleh hati." (QS. Mu'min: 19)

Hendaknya Seorang Pengunjung Duduk di Tempat yang Telah Diizinkan oleh Tuan Rumah

Apabila tuan rumah menempatkannya di sebuah kamar atau di tempat duduk tertentu, maka janganlah ia berpindah tempat tanpa seizinnya. Sebab boleh jadi tuan rumah menempatkannya di tempat tertentu tersebut dengan tujuan agar privasi atau aurat mereka tidak tersingkap.

Jangan Mengangkat Suara di dalam Rumah

Hendaknya seorang pengunjung tidak mengangkat suara kerana dapat mengganggu orang-orang yang dikunjungi. Dan janganlah mengangkat suara tinggi-tinggi ketika berbicara, berdebat dan lain sebagainya, sehingga orang lain tidak terganggu olehnya. Allah berfirman: "Dan lunakkanlah suaramu"(QS. Luqman: 19)

Jangan Mencuri Dengar atau Mengintai Tuan Rumah

Sebahagian orang memasang kedua telinganya untuk mendengarkan pembicaraan tuan rumah di kamar sebelah atau pembicaraan mereka dengan keluarganya atau pembicaraan kaum hawa dari penghuni rumah tersebut, dan hal-hal lain yang bersifat rahsia. Perbuatan-perbuatan seperti ini tidaklah layak dilakukan oleh seorang muslim yang berakhlak mulia. Lebih-lebih jika ia berniat buruk atas perbuatanya tersebut, maka hal itu diharamkan.

Tidak Membiarkan Anak-Anaknya Merosak Perkakas di Rumah Orang

Hendaknya seorang pengunjung tidak membiarkan anak-anaknya bermain-main, merosak dan memecahkan perabot, menghancurkan barang-barang, memukul anak tuan rumah, serta menjerit. Kerana semua itu dapat mengganggu dan membuat mereka keberatan dikunjungi.

Tidak Mengimami Tuan Rumah di Rumah Mereka

Hal ini berdasarkan sabda Rasulullah saw.: "Barangsiapa mengunjungi suatu kaum di rumah mereka, maka janganlah ia mengimami mereka, namun hendaknya salah seorang dari mereka (tuan rumah) bertindak sebagai imam". (HR. Ahmad, Abu Daud dan at-Tirmidzi).

Akan tetapi, apabila mereka mempersilakan dan mengizinkannya disebabkan ilmu, keutamaan atau umurnya, maka ia boleh menjadi imam, menurut sebahagian ahli ilmu.

Tidak Berlama-lama Ketika Berkunjung

Apabila seseorang terbiasa berlama-lama ketika mengunjungi orang lain, maka akan membuat orang yang dikunjungi menjadi bosan, merasa berat, tidak menyukai kunjungannya atau enggan menerima kedatangannya lagi, bahkan bisa jadi dia akan membicarakan tentang keburukan dirinya.

Menyuruh kepada yang Maa'ruf dan Mencegah dari yang Mungkar

Apabila seseorang berkunjung, kemudian melihat kemungkaran di rumah yang ia kunjungi seperti terdapat patung, atau melihat mereka meninggalkan solat, tidak menutup aurat, atau melakukan hal-hal yang melanggar aturan agama, maka wajib atasnya menyeru kepada yang ma'ruf dan mencegah dari yang mungkar sesuai dengan kemampuannya. Janganlah ia merasa malu atau takut untuk melakukannya. Akan tetapi tentunya harus tetap menjaga adab yang baik dengan cara yang penuh hikmah agar boleh diterima oleh tuan rumah.

Tidak Beranjak Pulang kecuali jika telah Diizinkan oleh Tuan Rumah

Seseorang tidak diperbolehkan beranjak pulang tanpa meminta izin kepada tuan rumah. Atau keluar dari majlis untuk pulang tanpa izin. Rasulullah saw bersabda, "Apabila salah seorang dari kalian mengunjungi saudaranya lalu ia duduk bersamanya, maka janganlah ia bangkit hingga saudaranya tersebut mengizinkannya". (HR. ad-Dailami).

Mensyukuri (berterima kasih) kepada Tuan Rumah atas Jamuan Mereka

Hendaknya seseorang bersyukur atau berterima kasih atas jamuan yang disediakan tuan rumah, khususnya apabila mereka telah menerimanya dengan baik. Sebab barangsiapa tidak berterima kasih sesama manusia, bererti ia tidak bersyukur kepada Allah Taa'la. Seseorang harus membalas kebaikan orang lain kepada dirinya atau paling tidak ia mendoakannya dengan berkata, "Jazaakumullahu Khaira" (semoga Allah Taa'la membalasmu dengan kebaikan atas sambutanmu) dan lain sebagainya dari ucapan-ucapan yang baik.
Wallahu A'lam.

Semoga dengan ini, kita semua menjaga adab-adab ketika berkunjung. Jangan sesekali melanggarnya kerana boleh menyebabkan ketidak selesaan pemilik rumah. Walaupun ketika berhari raya, namun kita tetap perlu menjaga tatasusila supaya kedatangan kita tidak menyusahkan mereka.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Dr Mahathir Mohamad's reply to Hanan

By Dr Mahathir Mohamad
27 January 2009

Dear Hanan,

1. I agree entirely with you that building a great nation doesn’t only take brains, but as you said it sure does help.

2. However brains alone without a heart (feelings) can produce a monster.

3. Israel is undoubtedly a great nation, becoming great through the brains and the numerous achievements you have listed. Yes I have used Israeli originated products like Microsoft Windows and Pentium chips (made in Malaysia) by Intel, an American company.

4. In fact I owe my life ultimately to Israel because there must be something invented by Israelis in the numerous instruments used in heart surgery. However most of the products used were invented and produced by Japanese.

5. I am amazed at the number of Nobel Laureates Israel has produced. I admit we have not produced even one.

6. But when the brain is without a heart it does not care for the misery resulting from the products of the brain.

7. The atom bombs which killed 100,000 men, women, children and babies are the product of Israeli (Jewish) brain. Most of the diabolical weapons now being used to kill millions of people are also the creation of Israelis on Zionist Jews. The depleted uranium and phosphorous shells being used in Gaza are also the product of Israeli brains.

8. The current financial crisis which is destroying the economies of the U.S. Britain and in fact all the countries of the world is due to manipulations of banks, financial institutions and the monetary system by Jewish supporters of Israel.

9. The negation of the freedom of speech when it comes to the alleged killings of Jews in World War II are also inspired by Zionist Jews.

10. But worse of all is the seizure of Palestinian land to create the state of Israel. Not content with the area given to the Jews by the United Nations you have seized more Palestinian land, built settlements on many parts of Palestine, disallowed the use of roads built on Palestinian land to the Palestinians, erected your own check points at the borders of Palestine with Jordan and built your version of the Berlin Wall through Palestinian villages on land that is not part of Israel.

11. Before the creation of Israel, the Jews and Arabs in Palestine lived in peace. Historically Jews had always sought refuge in Muslim countries when the Europeans conducted pogroms against them. This only stopped after the U.S. offered asylum.

12. All the terrorism that we see today, whether state initiated or by irregulars, started after the U.S. backed Israel against Arab attempts to regain their land through conventional wars. Because they were outclassed in terms of weapons by the U.S, / Israel, alliance, then only did the Arabs resort to what is called terrorism. The Israeli response have always been with greater terrorism as is seen in Gaza.

13. I have asked an American what he would do if Texas was given to the Jews to create the state of Israel. He did not answer. But I believe he would fight to get back Texas, employing all the weapons at its disposal.

14. Yet had the United States been willing to create the nation of Israel in the lands under U.S. control or in the U.S. itself, there would be no terrorism in Palestine or in the Middle East. There would be no terrorism in America either because Israel would be wiped out by the U.S. forces. The world would remain peaceful.

15. The brutality committed by your forces in Gaza is out of all proportion to the puny rocket attacks by Hamas. That attack was the result of Israel and the U.S. failing to accept the results of a properly conducted election.

16. Hamas could only establish their Government in Gaza. But you blockaded Gaza, denying them food, medicine, power, fuel etc. If you had not done that I doubt that Hamas would fire rockets at you.

17. Malaysia is well aware that total boycott of Israel is not possible. We are in fact boycotting American products which is an even more impossible task. We would not be able to bring America or Israel down.

18. But what we aim to do is to demonstrate the disgust and the anger that we feel over the inhumanity of the brainy but primitive peoples of Israel and America.

19. You can collect Nobel prizes and other prizes but the world will look down upon you as very primitive people who robbed land through terror against perfidious British and subsequently used your control over the world’s greatest military power to oppress the people whom you had robbed.

20. You have nothing to be proud of, unless of course you take pride in being heartless, in being primitive brutes.

21. The only mitigating factor is the presence among Israelis of a small number who are ashamed of what you have done to the people of Gaza.

Mahathir Mohamad
KL, Malaysia.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Idol worshipping

Q. The Hindu Pundits and Scholars agree that Vedas and other Hindu scriptures prohibit idol worship, but initially because the mind may not be mature, an idol is required for concentration while worshipping. After the mind reaches higher consciousness, the idol is not required for concentration. ?  

A. Muslims have reached the higher level of consciousness Muslims have reached the higher level of consciousness. If an idol is required for concentration only in the initial stages and not later on when the mind reaches higher consciousness then Muslims have already reached the state of higher consciousness because when we worship Allah (swt) we do not require any idol or statue.

Child asks why does it thunder? "Why does the sky thunder?", we reply that the grandmother is grinding flour in the heaven (hindu says or any man would say the same); because he is too young to understand. Similarly in the initial stages people require an idol for concentration. In Islam we don’t believe in telling a lie, even if it’s a white lie. because later on when he goes to school and learns that the thundering sound after lightning is due to the expansion of rapidly heated air, he will either think that the teacher is lying or later on when he understands the fact . If you feel that the child may not understand certain difficult things you should simplify the answer rather than give a wrong fictitious reply. If you, yourself do not know the answer, you should have the guts to be truthful and say ‘I don’t know’. But many children nowadays will not be satisfied with this answer.

3. Those in standard one require idol for concentration – (2 + 2 = 4 will remain same in standard one and ten) Some pundits while trying to convince regarding idol worship said that in standard one the student is initially taught to worship God by concentrating with the help of an idol but later on when he graduates he no longer requires the idol to concentrate while worshipping the God. A very important fact to be noted is that only if the fundamentals of any particular subject is strong, then only will he be able to excel in future for e.g. A teacher of mathematics in standard one teaches the students that 2 + 2 = 4 irrespective whether the student passes school or does graduation or does a Ph. D. in mathematics, the basics of 2 + 2 = 4 will yet remain the same, it will not change to 5 or 6. In higher standards the student, besides addition may learn about Algebra, Trigonometry, Logarithm, etc. but the fundamental of addition will yet remain the same. If the teacher in standard one itself teaches the fundamentals wrong, how can you expect the student to excel in future? It is the fundamental principal of the Vedas regarding the concept of God that He has got no image, so how can the Scholars even after knowing this fact keep silent at the wrong practice being done by people. Will you tell your son who is in standard one that 2 plus 2 is not equal to 4 but 5 or 6 and only confirm the truth after he passes school? Never. In fact if he makes a mistake you will correct him and say it is 4 and not wait till he graduates; and if you don’t correct him initially you will ruin his future. 

Etika Memboikot @ Tidak Boikot

By Firdaus Wong Wai Hung (Official)
1) Boikot adalah pilihan setiap individu maka usah memaksa sesiapa yang tidak mahu memboikot.

2) Sebagaimana kita mahu org lain menghormati keputusan kita utk memboikot, kita harus menghormati keputusan org lain utk tidak mahu memboikot

3) Andai barangan atau servis yg kita mahu boikot adalah halal, jangan pula kita mengharamkan apa yang jelas halal.

4) Tidak mencaci maki mahupun perkataan kasar ketika boikot

5) Matlamat tidak menghalalkan cara maka perlu selidik (49:6) kesahihan sesuatu berita mengenai produk atau servis yg kita mahu boikot agar kita berlaku adil (5:8) dan tidak menzalimi org lain.

6) Tidak menggunakan kemudahan yg disediakan oleh pihak yang diboikot utk urusan peribadi spt menggunakan elektrik, tempat dan tandas yg telah tertulis 'Hanya Untuk Pelanggan Sahaja' kecuali dlm kes keperluan yg mendesak spt sakit perut dan sebagainya.

7) Tidak boleh menuduh orang lain sebagai selektif boikot apabila hanya boikot Nestle, McD dan barangan atau servis lain sedangkan FB dan Microsoft juga menyumbang kepada Israel kerana nestle dan McD bukan keperluan mendesak tetapi FB dan Microsoft adalah platform milik musuh yg boleh digunakan untuk tujuan kesedaran dan kehidupan seharian. Tak makan McD takkan mati sbb ada nasi dan burger Ramly dan kalau tak guna FB dan Microsoft pun tak mati tetapi apakah kita mempunyai alternatif lain utk menyebarkan berita dan info jikalau tidak menggunakan medium atau platform yg tersedia? Contoh adalah tentera Islam berjaya dan mendapat harta rampasan berbentuk kereta kebal serta pesawat dan senjata milik musuh maka adakah kerana kita memboikot barangan Israel maka kita hancurkan semua? Tidak.. gunakannya utk tujuan kita.

8) Tidak menggunakan troll atau dialog yg tidak benar kerana sekali lagi matlamat tidak menghalalkan cara. Usah menzalimi org lain dgn meletakkan meme atau dialog yg org tersebut tak pernah ungkapkan.

9) Boikot apa yang kita mampu secara berperingkat dan tidak sehingga menyusahkan kehidupan diri.

10) Usah menyalahkan atau memandang serong kepada pekerja di syarikat yg kita boikot kerana mungkin mereka ada jihad tersendiri di dalam organisasi tersebut dan doakan untuk mereka dan kita.

* Boikot adalah usaha tetapi usaha paling penting adalah meningkatkan ilmu kita sebagai Muslim dan menyeru dan menjadi inspirasi utk org sekeliling kita meningkatkan ilmu Islam dan dunia agar kita menjadi umat yg terbaik 14 juta Yahudi berjaya mengawal dunia kerana intelektual mereka tetapi 1.7bilion umat Islam spt buih di lautan sbb sibuk bergaduh hal remeh temeh sesama saudara seIslam dan tidak faham ajaran serta tuntuan ajaran Islam maka adab dan akhlak seharian jauh dari Islam maka umat Islam juga tertinggal dlm aspek dunia.

Lupakah kita suatu masa dahulu umat Islam pernah menakluk 2/3 dunia dan umat Islam adalah pelopor kepada kemajuan sains dan teknologi? Mereka berjaya kerana dekat kepada sumber Islam dan hidul berpandukan Quran & Sunnah. Hakikatnya kita yg saban hari melaungkan slogan ASWJ berpaksikan Quran & Sunnah tetapi realitinya kita amat jauh dari kedua dua sumber itu serta tidak menjadikan kedua-duanya paksi kehidupan kita. Kembalilah kepada keduanya...

Save Gaza, Free Palestine

Mohammed Zeyara | 3 August at 08:48
Are people aware of what’s going on? Israel started this entire war because they claimed that Hamas kidnapped and killed 3 soldiers. After war started on Gaza, Israel confessed that the 3 soldiers were not kidnapped by Hamas. Yesterday, Israel said they broke the ceasefire agreement because Hamas “kidnapped” ANOTHER soldier. They immediately initiated another massacre in Rafah as a response to the “kidnapped soldier,” killing hundreds of innocent lives in a couple of minutes! An hour ago, Israel announced that the soldier was not kidnapped after all!
Is this some kinda game? Just take care of the media then kill as many people as you please?
I hope people are aware of how foolish Israel thinks the world is. I can not believe people support such despicable creatures.



And special for Malaysians:

Monday, August 4, 2014

"Sesungguhnya kamu akan melakukan kerosakan di bumi (Palestin) DUA KALI"

[Al-Isra':4] Dan Kami menyatakan kepada Bani Israil dalam Kitab itu: "Sesungguhnya kamu akan melakukan kerosakan di bumi (Palestin) DUA KALI, dan sesungguhnya kamu akan berlaku sombong angkuh dengan melampau.

[Al-Isra':5] Maka apabila sampai masa janji (membalas kederhakaan kamu) kali yang PERTAMA dari dua itu, Kami datangkan kepada kamu hamba-hamba Kami yang kuat gagah** dan amat ganas serangannya lalu mereka menjelajah di segala ceruk rantau (membinasakan kamu); dan (sebenarnya peristiwa itu) adalah satu janji yang tetap berlaku.......(**Kisah pembebasan BaitulMaqdis oleh pahlawan Islam agung Salehuddin Al-Ayubi)

[Al-Isra':6] Kemudian (setelah kamu bertaubat), Kami kembalikan kepada kamu kekuasaan untuk mengalahkan mereka, dan Kami beri kepada kamu dengan banyaknya harta kekayaan dan anak pinak, serta Kami jadikan kamu kaum yang lebih ramai pasukannya.

[Al-Isra':7] Jika kamu berbuat kebaikan, (maka) kebaikan yang kamu lakukan adalah untuk diri kamu; dan jika kamu berbuat kejahatan, maka (kesannya yang buruk) berbalik kepada diri kamu juga. Oleh itu, apabila sampai masa janji (membalas perbuatan derhaka kamu) KALI KEDUA, (Kami datangkan musuh-musuh kamu) untuk memuramkan muka kamu (dengan penghinaan dan keganasannya); dan untuk memasuki masjid (BaitulMaqdis) sebagaimana mereka telah memasukinya pada KALI YG PERTAMA; dan untuk menghancurkan apa sahaja yang mereka telah kuasai, dengan sehancur-hancurnya.

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