Friday, January 31, 2020

If she's not your first choice, leave

Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Rough plan of my extendable dining table

This is the rough plans of my version of extendable dining table.

The video (on YouTube):

We custom-made our extendable dining table to fit the space of our dining area. Because of our large family and extended family (especially during holidays and celebrations), we needed a dining table that can fit as many people as possible. 

This design, when closed, can seat 6 people, and when extended, can seat 16 people comfortably (maximum of 18 people).

*Click on image to open original size.

This is the dimension we decided on (when the table is closed). 

This is the top view of the frames (main frame - the one that can't be moved, and the extendable frame). I drew this one up for me to see how the joints are put together).

This is another top view of the frames for me to see the slides, and where the parts are attached to. The shaded parts are all attached together (also attached to the extendable top). 


This is the top view of the table top when fully extended. Each extension is 120cm x 50cm. The top labeled "FIXED" is actually the top that we can extend. So, when closed, we can see only 4 legs of the table, and when extended, we can see all 8 legs. 

I made a cabinet to store the extensions. This is the video on how I made it:

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Sunday, January 12, 2020

Thursday, January 9, 2020

Soulmates are not rare, but North Stars are

Soulmates aren't rare. They aren't. You'll meet a thousand soulmates, just as you'll live a thousand lives. North Stars though, they are (rare). By chance you'll meet someone who encompasses the way home. Someone who is home. And knowing them is like being found with never knowing you were lost. And you will love them. God, you will love them as they are, because they are yours. They exist beneath your skin, in your veins, to your bones. They were written in some far off past life. There is no force that is more than they are. You are born half in love with them, and to have them, to be theirs, is like nothing else. Nothing would dare to be.

Wednesday, January 1, 2020

NOTHING should be sold for profit if its absence can kill you

Any system where people can die because they're unable to access these resources needs to be dismantled.