Monday, June 20, 2016

Life is constantly changing

“Men are born soft and supple;
dead, they are stiff and hard.
Plats are born tender and pliant;
dead, they are brittle and dry.
Thus whoever is stiff and inflexible
is a disciple of death.
Whoever is soft and yielding
is a disciple of life.
The hard and stiff will be broken.
The soft and supple will prevail.” ~ Lao Tzu

Life is constantly changing. We are constantly changing. But because we are so comfortable with things remaining the same, and because we like to feel safe and secure at all times, we do our best to resist change, failing to realize that by resisting change we are in fact resisting life.

Our Soul, the essence of who we are, is soft and yielding, thus, a disciple of life. And it needs us to go through the many changes life sends our way in order for us to grow and realize our true nature. It needs us to go through all these changes so we can lift the veil from our eyes that prevents us from seeing and experiencing our purity, and the purity of everyone around us. It needs us to dispose of what is old, of what is no longer working for us, so that we can open ourselves to new things, new experiences and the new ideas that are meant to take us to the next dimension of our expansion, growth and evolution.


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