Thursday, April 18, 2013

Sheikh Jamal - "Penajaan Hafiz"

السلام عليكم و رحمة الله و بركاته
Sheikh Abder Rahman Ahmad Jamal is the Chairman of Dar Al Quran Wa Sunnah, the largest network of NGOs in Gaza, Palestine.  Started more than 15 years ago with just 100 students, it now has more than 22,000 students with more than 1,600 rings (or halaqah) across the Gaza Strip memorizing the Quran. Sh. Jamal, who is also a Member of Parliament, visit to Malaysia is with the collaboration of Muslim Professionals Forum (MPF) and Aqsa Syarif. 
Apart from launching the "Adopt a Hafiz" program, he is also giving talks/lectures at various masjids sharing how the miracles of Quran have etched into the hearts and minds of the Palestinian youths in Gaza. He will also share how the Quran has helped prepared these youths to face the adversities, living under the occupation of Israel, and facing the atrocities of losing their land, family and unable to experience the normal lives that many other youths enjoy in other parts of the world. He is also due to meet with JAKIM and Darul Quran as a step in establishing that working relationships with the local authorities/bodies.
Below is his itinerary (in Klang Valley) to date:
1. Thu. 11 Apr 2013
   - Masjid Tun Abdul Aziz Section 14 (Masjid Bulat)
   - After Maghrib
2. Fri. 12 Apr 2013
    - TV Al-Hijrah Interview - Live
    - Between 8-10 am
3. Fri. 12 Apr 2013
    - UIA Gombak
    - Khutbah Jumaat
4. Sat. 13 Apr 2013
   - Masjid Negara
   - Official Launch of the "Adopt a Hafiz" Program and Press Conference
   - 2 pm
5. Sat. 13 Apr 2013
   - UIA Gombak
   - After Maghrib
6. Sun. 14 Apr 2013
   - Masjid Al Mukarramah, Bandar Sri Damansara
   - After Maghrib
7. Tue. 16 Apr 2013
   - Menara Telekom
   - 3 pm
8. Tue. 16 Apr 2013
   - Surau AlKauthar, Bangi
   - After Maghrib
9. Wed. 17 Apr 2013
   - MHI, TV3 Live
   - 8 - 9 am
10. Wed. 17 Apr 2013
   - SM Sri Al-Amin, Bangi
   - 8 - 9 am
Please do share the above with families and friends, on the "Adopt a Hafiz" Program and to encourage more sponsors for the halaqah.


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