Thursday, April 18, 2013

Let's keep this in perspective

By Meryn Murray

My newsfeed has been flooded with graphic images from the Boston marathon with enlightened captions such as "SAVE OUR CHILDREN, BOMB THE ARABS". Idiots. (you know who you are). 

First of all we have no idea who planted those bombs- possibly a single evil messed up individual American. 

Second of all let's keep this in perspective; 3 people have died in the Boston explosion. It's tragic and horrifying sure. But in the last 24 hours 50 people were killed in bomb blasts in Iraq, 12 in Afghanistan and 9 in Pakistan, 3,000 children were sold into slavery and 20,000 died from starvation

Middle Class White Christian lives from the developed world don't have any more value than "Arab" or any other lives. We're all human and to remind you of that before you start calling for revenge and wanting WWIII here's another graphic image: Arab parents love their children too!

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