Thursday, July 24, 2014

They said "Shame on Malaysia..." and this is my answer

Last night (July 21, 2014), I watched CNN till morning and followed live twitter with some of the journalists on-site. There are 3 statements which make me feel annoying and angry...

On-site journalist said: Shame on Malaysian to negotiate with rebel... we westerner will not.

My answer: Yes! of course we are not westerner, we are asianer.. haha!!!

Hey!!! This is not our war. This is their war. We are not interest to get involve with this war. Blame game is not our favorite method. Pointing finger is not our style. Fighting with blood hands also not our favorite approach. We have a lot of experience dealing with militants (communist) since past 60 years ago. If you are a father and your kid has been kidnapped, what will you do? Just let the police take the action while you can sit on the comfort leather couch, cross your legs, have nice hot espresso and keep mumbling all nonsense matter? As a responsible 'father', we (our government) will take any necessary actions as long as it did not harm any other peoples while in the same time can keep good relationship with respective parties. Hard action is the last option. We are not the guys who always keep talk loudly, blaming each other with NO positive results. Sometimes, lowering your head does not mean you lost the game, lowering your tone does not mean you lost your voice. This is the power of negotiation and diplomacy. And we successfully got all what we want! 3 objectives achieved in one night! Black boxes, retrieve the bodies, full access to the site. This are the facts which already written in the world history!

CNN correspondent said: Why they handover those black boxes to Malaysian? Dutch suffer more than them!

My answer: Hello brother! If you drive your wonderful 5 series BMW car with your friends and suddenly get into accident, will you willing to give your car engine, your car steering, your car key to your friends? Just because they also involve with the accident? Malaysia Airline is a property of Malaysian. Every single part of the aircraft belongs to us. I could not see any technical relationship between black box and Dutch passenger. Yes, they (Dutch) lost more than us because more than half of the passengers are from Netherlands but do you think by counting the number can be considered "more suffer" than others? For us, if only one life lost already consider as an extremely suffer for this specific crime!

CNN correspondent said: Do Malaysian have expert to analyze those black boxes? They should give to expert!

My answer: Yes, I understand that maybe you think that Malaysians are stupid BUT we are not too stupid to handle this kind of crime especially the black boxes. We know what we should do, we know our capabilities, we know our resources, we know to whom should we ask, we know what is the meaning of cooperation, we know what is the meaning of responsible, we know what is the meaning of justice. And the most important thing is we know ACTION IS BETTER THAN TALKING. Don't worry too much brother! Don't think too much with the issue that you should not think too much!


Leader stands tall. Malaysia is my country. I'm proud to be Malaysian. I'll fly with Malaysian Airlines.

Terima kasih,


Note: This is brokenlish language.

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