Sunday, October 14, 2012

Can you spot the cleverly camouflaged critters?

Thursday, October 11, 2012 11:09am PDT

By: Shannon Dybvig

Whether they're trying to avoid becoming dinner, or they're inconspicuously hunting for some dinner themselves, creatures have come up with some ingenious ways to look like their surroundings. Take a peek at some of the camouflage masters below. Can you spot them all?

Can you see spot the very leafy caterpillar in Selangor, Malaysia? Image by Wohin Auswandern

How about the well-disguised gliding lizard above? This one, from southern India, is also referred to as a flying dragon. When it decides to move from tree to tree it spreads its hidden wings and soars. Image by Yathin Krishnappa

Do you see the tiny Chiffchaff bird in the mix above? Leaf warblers like these are common throughout northern Europe and Asia, where they breed in open woodlands. Image by James Offer

Having trouble so far? Well, the inconspicuous grasshopper hiding out in Evergreen, Colorado, should be a bit easier for you to find. Image by Normality Relief

The Emperor Dragonfly above may be hiding in plain sight, but its making a valiant attempt at keeping a low profile in Llandudno, Wales, Great Britain, with its leafy trunk. Image by Cj Roberts

The Jaguar is South America's biggest feline. But it once roamed as far north as the border region of the U.S. and Mexico. If you're a hiker, it's scary how well this jaguar blends into the background, and without even trying. Image by Bex Ross

Watch your toes! Crabs like this blend in perfectly with the beach in Kealia, Hawaii. Image byMichael

Is that a spider disguised as a flower bulb? Yup, you bet it is. Image by Image by JenAnifer

This tiny frog in Michigan is living on the edge. Image by Ellen Meiselman

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